Wednesday, 17 October 2012

AA Type Sponsor in the Work Place?

In AA you get a sponsor assigned to help you through difficult times and to be there for you when you may waver. In business we all know the right thing to do, plan, monitor, review etc. Admitting that we have a problem with basics like these is not that hard or unusual.

We are very good at acknowledging that we need to start listing daily tasks, and often 'turn over a new leaf' for a few days doing these things to make us happier people and better professionals.

However many of us 'fall off the wagon' and get back into our bad habits of fire fighting, not sticking to planned tasks and end up back where we started in a matter of weeks, except with our resolve and perhaps egos damaged.

Would it be a good idea to have a 'Work Smarter/Change Sponsor', some one who will be there when you waver, will check and ask how you are keeping to your new regime, and pull you up on any deviations.

This sponsor need not be an expert in your field, they are just there to keep you honest to your new goals, on track for any promises to amend behaviour and to be there to give encouragement for when you are having second thoughts.

Recognising the need for change is easy, planning change is not that hard, making change is OK too, its sticking to it over a sustained period of time that most of us fall down on.

Have a think about your co-workers, family, college friends or in this day and age a social media buddy. Next time you are promising yourself that you will list tasks in order of difficultly and complete those first, that you will keep an accurate diary, that you will document client interactions correctly, hook yourself up with a sponsor that will check in on you. Explain the change you want to make and be answerable to your sponsor as well as your self.

Maybe this time you will stick to your guns and really make a change.

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